The Jadescape

Developed by award-winning architect, JadeScape uses a limitless abundance of happiness with a ‘Garden Homes at Shunfu’ style for homeowners. Taking a look at the rental deals of the four existing condos, we can see that the rental rate for a 1-bedder is from $2,100 to $2,200, a 2-bedder range from $2,100 to $33,250 and a 3 bedroom varieties from $2,600 to $4,350. Based on early indicative rates, a 1-bedroom system at Jadescape starts from $838,000. Jadescape The gross rental yield works out to be 3% if we were to estimate the rental earnings to be $2,100 and the purchase price to be $860,000. This yield is assuming that rents remain at this rate as the increase in the supply of the number of units is negated by the truth that JadeScape is a more recent development and rents tend to be greater.

The primary selling point would be the area. JadeScape lies along Shunfu Road which is close to popular developed areas like Ang Mo Kio and Bishan. This area is an extremely tranquil location to reside in and certain units would ignore the landed homes at Thomson Garden Estate. Jadescape Features wise there is a market just opposite this development at Blk 320 and there is also a Sheng Siong grocery store close by. JadeScape is also near to popular food haunts along Upper Thomson Roadway. Redeveloped advancements, those that went through en bloc sales, have the advantage of currently having amenities situated around the area